The 5th exquisite piece within the superb jaeger lecoultre Replica Atmos Marqueterie collection by Jaeger-LeCoultre continues to be focused on famous symbolist painter Gustav Klimt. More exactly, the horological masterpiece was produced in recognition of 1 of his most well-known friezes, The Waiting.

Limited to 28 pieces only, the Replica Atmos Margueterie Paille (or straw marquetry) is celebrating an old decorative technique which was elevated by designers throughout the 1930s. The transparent cabinet from the Atmos Marqueterie Paille seems as though by enchantment upon opening an outer cabinet delicately inlaid with wisps of straw.

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Costly and exquisitely crafted marble and colored stone mosaic get this to a real thing of beauty. Its degree of detail and precision in inspiring, and it'll surely attract many enthusiasts of art and remarkable timepieces. The Replica jaeger lecoultre Atmos clock includes a transparent glass cabinet that enables the curious to admire the amount of intricacy from the mechanism. Regrettably only 10 units is ever going to be created, in a cost that also needs to be unveiled.

This jaeger lecoultre replica excellent piece, a real epitome of exquisite craftsmanship and talent, can be simply and unquestionably known as a real masterpiece. The superbly modeled marble and colored stone mosaic was manufactured through high precision and incredible focus on detail, ultimately being given marquetry motifs along with a glass cabinet which displays the contraption very superbly.