The cheap Jaeger LeCoultre Duometre Chronograph replica, what's "Duometre" and important special? The fundamental idea ended up being to separate the standard time keeping purpose of the timepiece (hrs, minutes, and seconds) in the chronograph function.

In many chronograph wristwatches, time keeping and chronograph functions share a typical source of energy. Basically, which means that once the chronograph function is operated, capacity to time keeping function is reduced and therefore affects the precision of your time keeping. The Duometre transformed this issue by utilizing two separate power sources (and equipment trains) Body for that time keeping function and the other for that chronograph function. Sounds simple? Not too. So far, two separate power sources inside a watch happen to be reserved just for the super complicated sonnerie (clock) watches and therefore are hard to construct. Therefore the Duometre(dual meter) is similar to getting two watches in a single.

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The subdial around the left houses the standard hour and minute hands. These hands, plus a center seconds hands that's in continuous motion, along with a power reserve hands (lower left), are gold colored to point time keeping functions. Within this example above, time shown by the golden hands is 1:50 and 22 seconds, and also the power reserve is full ( 50 hrs).

The subdial around the right houses the Jaeger LeCoultre Duometre Chronograph replica minute and hour hands. The passed duration of the chronograph function is read in the same manner because the time keeping hands - rapid hands records the hrs and also the lengthy hands the minutes. In the 6 o'clock position of the sub-dial is really a small recording disc that rotates once every 10 mins. Its duration of rotation is synchronized using the minute recording hands to be able to eradicate any margin of error when studying the moment counter hands. Such as the time keeping hands, the chronograph hands, along with the sweeping seconds hands in the center and also the power reserve hands, are all the same color - blue, to point their chronograph functions. Within the same example, the chronograph has functioned for just two hrs, twenty minutes, 38 seconds.